M6 Mobile Solutions develops marketing opportunities and solutions for mobile marketing companies and institutions who wish to extend their presence to the world’s leading mobile platform – the smartphone.  Today’s leading smartphone platforms are the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, Palm, Nokia (Symbian) and Windows Mobile.

Mobile device technologies have grown to take a fundamental part in both private and business life. They help users to connect with their social networks and business networks far easier than a simple telephone call. This allows users to feel a part of the world and not just a passerby.

Apple, for example, has had over 1 billion applications downloaded from the iPhone application store in its first year alone.  This shows the industry’s massive potential and with hundreds of millions of smartphones on the market, entrepreneurs have never had a shorter path for bringing innovation directly to their customers’ hands.

Do you have an idea you wish to see come to life? Is the next killer-app just waiting to get developed, but you do not own a software developer? Do you have an application that has not reached your target audience? M6 Mobile Solutions is the perfect match for you.  Our professional team of developers and marketers bring years of experience in the mobile marketplace and will be able to take your idea and turn it into a leading and successful product.

Whether it is games or applications, we are here to deliver our services to you quickly, efficiently, according to specifications and most importantly within budget. For more details, contact us here.